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What to Do when Car Keys won’t Turn in Ignition
POSTED ON JULY 12, 2018 By Professional Locksmith - Auto Locksmith, Car Locksmith
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Car Keys won’t Turn in Ignition

When your car keys don’t turn the ignition slot, you might be confused as to what to do. The best thing to do in this situation is to contact an expert licensed automotive locksmith. the locksmith can repair or Replace the ignition or made a new key at the spot. Professional Locksmith. However, if you’re desperate to get back driving on the road, here’s a list of some strategies that you can tackle that can get you driving again in no time at all.

1. Turn the Steering Wheel:

The most common reason that a car key will not turn is that the steering wheel has locked. This will happen when the steering wheel has been moved after the key has been removed from the ignition cylinder.

*A* Turn the steering wheel to the right and left.
*B* Note what side the wheel cannot be turned to, and the direction that has give.
*C* Pull the steering wheel in the direction that has Freedom without resistance, hold it there.
*D* Turn the key toward the accessory position while keeping the steering wheel turned.
*E* If nothing happens, rock the steering gently wheel as you turn the key.
*F* If this does not work, rock the steering wheel gently as you jiggle the key in the ignition.

You can mix and match with the methods of turning the wheel and moving the key. As soon as the key turns the steering wheel will unlock, and the car should start. If the key does not turn, then you may have a more severe issue.

2. Lubricate the Lock

A very prevalent cause when a car key won’t turn in the ignition is that the keyway of the ignition cylinder is a little jammed up. Just lubricating the lock may be enough to solve your issue. You will say that WD40 is often the go-to example for lubrication of any kind, but I would not recommend it in this case.

It is a classic debate in both the locksmithing and the lock picking hobbyist community as to what the best lubricant is for locks, so at the risk of starting a controversy, I will recommend either using a silicon or graphite based lubricant. Essentially, you are looking for something that is not going to collect dust, grime, and particulates over time, which will eventually jam the lock’s internals to a greater degree.

You can use WD40 as long as you are going to be changing out the ignition cylinder after you turn the key successfully. When you are going to replace it anyway, it gunking up further over time does not matter.

*A* Gather your lubricant, key, and cloth.
*B* Spray the lubricant into the keyway of the ignition cylinder.
*C* Wipe away the overspray or anything leaking from the keyhole.
*D* Insert the key and turn it.
*E* If this does not work, jiggle the key.
*F* If this does not work, add more lubricant and repeat.

In cases where this goes minutes without working, lubrication is not the answer when your car key won’t turn in the ignition.

3. Rapping the Key

Beyond lubrication, you might need to try something more severe to unjam your lock. It is true that bump keys do not work on cars, but by using a hammer or a vibrating mechanism and your key that won’t turn in the car, you might be able to solve your issue. This “rapping”, if you will, is meant to shake internal components in the lock into the proper position.

Springs can get lost, or other small parts of the inside of the lock can get stuck. Where lubrication can fail to unstick or get things to move properly, you can shake things temporarily into positions, just in time to turn the key properly. The tool that you use does not need to be a hammer. It can be anything that can create a noticeable vibration that can be applied to the key and/or the cylinder. The idea is just to get the inside of the lock to move more than you could by shaking your key, car, or dashboard.

*A* Place your car key in the car’s ignition.
*B* Use your tool on the key while trying to turn the key.
*C* If this does not work, try to use your tool on the ignition cylinder.

Just be very difficult about the amount of force you use in this process as you could damage your key, the ignition, etc. If you are trying to hit your key hard enough to break a locking mechanism, operate with extreme caution as your desire to break things might be more successful than you intend.

4. Call For a local Locksmith Company

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